Car servicing is an important aspect of car maintenance. By getting your car regularly serviced, you can increase the performance and life of the car.

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A thorough service checks and inspects each and every function of the car - this helps us diagnose early stage defects in critical parts of the car and we can repair them before they can cause any serious damage to the automobile.

Car servicing also improves the performance of the car. These days cars have to go through long traffic jams where they get stuck for hours in thick smoke. The repeated brakes and gear shifting due to excessive traffic also affect the long-term performance of the vehicle. Because of this, a car should be serviced every six months to one year, depending on the type of the car, the frequency of its usage, and the condition in which the car is driven.

Servicing a car regularly reduces the cost of car repair and also stops sudden unforeseen breakdowns and no start incidents.

It also increases the fuel efficiency of the car and cuts the overall cost of driving a car. Servicing also keeps essential parts of the car like tires, brakes and gear in best condition, so they last longer. Cars gather a lot of dust on the internal parts, and normal wear and tear also damages different parts of the vehicle. Different coolants and oils also leave their residues on the parts of the internal combustion engine of the car, hence a servicing is very important to keep its every part best shape because damaged auto parts put extra pressure on the engine this results in engine overheating, a fall in mileage, and increase in breakdowns.

 Care Care Tips

During a tune-up service, the worn-out parts of your car are replaced and other parts are also given a thorough cleaning. Any loose parts are also fitted back into their place. These actions help to increase the efficiency of the car.

A professional auto mechanic provides car servicing by performing various types of checks on the cars. He checks the hydraulics, hand brakes, brake fluids, and friction materials of the car. Any discrepancies found in these checks are handled immediately, thus preventing them from further damage. The brake checks are most important out of all of these, as your brakes are obviously critical safety equipment. The brakes must have a specific braking efficiency to perform perfectly. This routine service can help keep your car out of the repair shop. A properly serviced car also emits lesser amounts of smoke and pollutants into the environment.

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